You are probably losing customers and leads because your automation is ineffective.

Here is what I know if you are a solopreneur and run a digital service-based business you fall into one of two categories.

Category #1

You have little to no automation implemented in your business and you want to start implementing automation but you are not sure where to start to what automatons you need.

Category #2

You figured out how to set up some of your automation; you may have even hired someone to set up your automation system for you but something stopped working and you don't know what to fix or you are noticing that the automation is not performing well and you are having to manually send out stuff.

Well, let me introduce the solution to your automation woes..

Automation Evaluation is designed to ensure that the automation meets your goals and expectations. During the automation evaluation, we will review and test up to 3 automations.

This comprehensive evaluation offers a thorough assessment of your current automations. We will evaluate how your automations are structured, how user-friendly it is, and how effective it is in driving leads to sales.

The Automation Evaluation Report includes a video review and detailed recommendations for improving your automation performance.

We will be conducting the evaluations based on the 7 pillars of automation:

  • Automation Structure
  • User Experience- Visual
  • Usability Testing
  • Automation Effectiveness
  • Call to Action Placements
  • Simplifying the Automation
  • Automation Improvement

Once the evaluation is complete you will receive an Automation Evaluation Report and Video review of the Automation Report.

Get Your Automation Evaluation Today for Only $77

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